Disability Crowd Fund “Book for a Buck”

For the last several days, I have been hosting a crowd fund via twitter and Facebook. To put it bluntly, we’re broke and in trouble. My job cut my hours down to around 20 for the entire MONTH. My son works full time at minimum wage to help with bills, but with my hours being cut so far down, we’re drowning. We have one car, and we’re still making payments on it. We had already fallen a little behind on the payments and the company gave us until this month to get caught up. If we don’t, they will repossess it. It is our only transportation for my son’s job, as there is no public transportation to the nearby suburb where he works. It is also heavily used to get us both to doctor appointments for our various conditions. We need my car.

We are also behind on several other bills (phone, electric, water) and groceries. With our current schedules, we also will not have enough money for January rent on the first. The State of Texas has decided that since I used to get unemployment earlier this year (but haven’t in months), I still should be fine. They have denied any food stamps, Medicaid/CHIP (for our disabilities), or temporary assistance to needy families.

Least importantly, my son and I will not be exchanging gifts. I know gifts aren’t important, but it stings knowing I can’t give him anything, even after all he has sacrificed this year to work full time and help with household expenses. He has given up starting college yet, participating in several hobbies very important to him, and free time to see his friends. All of his friends went away to college this year, so often, when they have been back home to visit and wanted to see him, he had to decline because he was working. It hurts that I cannot get him anything to show him how much I appreciate his sacrifices.

I had asked for help from friends and the general public before, but the response was sporadic. Also, I felt guilty for asking for help again. My internalized ableism was causing me to really beat myself up. So I hit on a plan. I am working on a collection of short stories and poems to be published in February. As of right now, I am planning on self-publishing on Amazon. So, I hit on the idea to raise money by offering a “book for a buck.” Each person who donated at least $1 to my PayPal link would receive a PDF copy of my collection no later than 02/01/17. When a PayPal notification is sent, it includes an email address for the sender. When I get notifications, I immediately send a “thank you” note and ask if that is the email address to which their book should be sent. Then, whichever email address they state goes into a database I am compiling of pre-orders. That way I don’t miss anyone.

I’ve had a few pre-orders from friends, and many retweets of my offer on twitter (thank you, everyone). But actual donations/pre-orders have been limited to close friends (many of whom are experiencing hardships of their own). Then it hit me:  The general public doesn’t know if I can even write. They are probably scared they’ll get a hot mess sent to them. To that end, please scroll down to my next post. Here, you can read an excerpt from one of the stories that will be included, The Wager. You can also read a rough draft of one of the poems that will be included, The List in another post.  If you like them and want to read more, please donate to my #disabilitycrowdfund #bookforabuck campaign. All it takes is $1!

You can donate/pre-order here.

When PayPal notifies me I have received a donation, it usually includes an email address. I will email that address and confirm that is where you want your book sent. Whatever email address you reply as your preferred method will be added to my database of pre-order email addresses. If for some reason there is no email, I will post a comment on this post and/or twitter to track you down to contact me with that info. No later than 02/01/17, I will send an advance PDF copy of my book before I submit it to Amazon. Thank you all in advance for your support!


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