Rory the Raccoon Crashed My Son’s Senior Picture Session

I have read both of Jenny Lawson’s (The Bloggess) books, and actually laughed so hard I cried because I could seriously relate. I read her blog, too. So, as I was looking at my son’s Senior Pictures from earlier this year, I was reminded of her post about Rory, the taxidermied raccoon that is traveling the world as a stand-up poster board cutout. Now, I didn’t have a poster board cutout of Rory when my son’s senior pictures were taken earlier this school year. BUT – I digitally created what I thought it would look like if he had actually been there….

Rory - Ride Free
Rory is a little scared, but discovers the joy of riding a long board downhill…
Rory - King of the World
Rory gets a little more adventurous, and thereby annoys the man-child….
Rory - Running of the skateboards
Man-child finally has enough, and suggests that he and Rory play “the running of the long board.” Rory decides he no longer wants to play with Man-child.
Rory Photobomb
Rory gets the last laugh, and decides to photobomb Man-child’s oh-so-serious pose by the tree.

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